Smart2 (G2V2) Update

Use your existing device for Smart2 tachograph. Why?

  • Cost-effective: You don’t have to change your device
  • Eco friendly: You don’t need to throw away your old device
  • Faster: Update ready in 2-3 minutes
  • Simple: you only need a PC/Laptop and a USB cable

In some countries and/or regions the Smart2 tachographs runs under different brand names, like СВІТАХО, DIGISAFE, TA-COMBO2, CRONO-FACILE, DIGITACH-SAFE, TACHO2WORLD, CORA-TACHO2SAFE, UNIVERSAL-TDS, MALUX-TACHO2SAFE.

Update your device

Pricing information

Update Price: €69* per device.

Promotional price: you get 13% discount per device using a promo code. Please ask your distributor for the promotional code.

Free update

  • for devices with serial number greater than 274000;
  • for updates purchased after January 1st, 2023;
  • for devices with firmware version 4.0.11.

If you want, we can update it for you for an extra €20, please contact the support team

* VAT not included

Update it now

Easy and quick to update


Where can I find the serial number?
The serial number is a unique code and is the only key to update your Tacho2Safe device. The serial number can be found on the back of the device; however, the safest way to obtain your device number is by checking the display when you insert a card into the card reader slot. An example is shown in the video.
How to enter update mode?
You can update your Tacho2Safe device in bootloader mode. To enter bootloader mode, simultaneously press and hold the F1 and F4 buttons, then connect the cable while keeping the two buttons pressed. After inserting the cable, release the buttons. An example is shown in the video.
I have a battery problem, does the update solve it?
In some cases, when your device is running on firmware versions 4.0.9 or 4.0.10, a battery problem may occur. Once you update your device to the G2V2 firmware (version 5.0.15), this problem should be resolved. However, you must also change the AA battery to a new one.
After updating my Tacho2Safe device, I can’t use the TachoSafe Lite desktop application.
When you update your Tacho2Safe device to G2V2 firmware version (5.0.15), you should also update the TachoSafe Lite desktop application to the latest version. You can download the application using the following link:

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