Effective Readout of Tachographs


  • Intuitive Operation: Easy-to-use menu for seamless operation.
  • Cable-Free Functionality: Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth.
  • Cloud Storage: Secure storage with free Basic TachoSafe WEB license.
  • Long Battery Life: Over 400 card downloads per charge.
  • Fast Charging: Full charge in under 2 hours via USB.
  • Comprehensive Compatibility: Works with all tachographs, including Smart & G2.
  • Mobile App: Cloud connectivity with Android and iOS compatibility.
  • Data Analysis: Ensure driver compliance and fleet safety with detailed reports.


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Quick and solution-focused support for End-Users.


Full-scale tachograph download access.


Safe and secure encrypted data storage.


Easy-to-understand and detailed data analysis.


  1. Intuitive operation
  2. Cable-free functionality with data transfer
  3. Free license for Basic TachoSafe WEB
  4. Long battery life (400+ card downloads)
  5. Fast charging (<2 hours) via USB
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Top features

  • Supports all tachographs, including Smart and G2 tachographs
  • Secure data storage in the cloud
  • Basic analysis on TachoSafe WEB
  • Integration of third-party data forwarding
  • Mobile app for customizing digital tachograph downloads (Android/iOS)
  • Bluetooth module, tachograph reader, driver card reader
  • USB data/charging cable and rechargeable battery

Card download

Tachograph download

File upload to TachoSafe WEB

Smartphone Application

  • Monitoring of card and tachograph downloads on mobile devices
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Simultaneous download on multiple devices
  • Automatic file upload to the cloud-based TachoSafe WEB portal
  • Selection of download period to skip problematic days
  • Compatibility with Android and Apple iOS devices
  • Available on Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and Apple Store
  • Support for multiple languages
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Data Analysis and Reporting Services

  • Downloading and proper storage of digital tachograph and driver card data
  • Data analysis to verify driver compliance with regulations
  • Taking additional measures to enhance fleet safety and compliance
  • Through detailed reporting features, our platform empowers you with actionable insights to optimize operations and drive continuous improvement
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1. How does Tacho5Safe stand out from previous tachograph devices?
Tacho5Safe represents the 5th generation of manual tachograph and driver card download devices. Its standout features include Bluetooth connectivity, automatic saving of downloads to the cloud via a mobile application, and compatibility with various tachographs, making it suitable for owner drivers, small fleets, and large transport operators.
2. What are the key benefits of using Tacho5Safe?
Tacho5Safe offers several benefits, including an intuitive menu for easy operation, cable-free operation with wireless data transfer support, a free license to TachoSafe WEB cloud-based software, long battery life (more than 400 card downloads on a single charge), and quick battery charging via an USB cable in less than 2 hours.
3. What are the top features of Tacho5Safe's hardware?
The hardware of Tacho5Safe includes built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE4.0) module for wireless data transfer, a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, an integrated smart card reader for direct driver/workshop card download, and an integrated tachograph download interface with a download connector. Additionally, it supports customization of digital tachograph downloads via a mobile app, and integration with third-party data forwarding systems.
4. How does Tacho5Safe secure data during wireless transfer?
Tacho5Safe employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE4.0) technology for wireless data transfer, ensuring secure and reliable communication between the device and the mobile application. Additionally, data encryption protocols are implemented to safeguard sensitive tachograph data during transmission.

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