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Tacho2Safe is an all in one manual tachograph download device which combines both tachograph and driver card download functionality. It is a simple, ergonomic device, suitable for use either by owner drivers, small fleets or large transport operators. Download data is stored on the internal memory of the device. The reduced power consumption allows over 500 full card downloads with only one AA type battery but it can be operated from rechargeable batteries which are charged automatically through USB.

Are you an entrepreneur with vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph? Do you want to ensure compliance with regulations and streamline your transport operations? Then look no further than Tacho2Safe, our solution for digital tachograph management.

According to the law, you are required to retrieve data from the vehicle at least once every 90 days and from the driver card at least once every 28 days. To fulfill these requirements, you need a reliable device for collection and transfer of data to a computer. Our device stands out both in terms of functionality and capabilities. With Tacho2Safe, you can benefit from powerful download reminder functionality, ensuring that you never miss a download deadline again. Plus, our device offers increased download speed, saving you time and effort.

Tacho2Safe also provides a comprehensive web application that helps you download, store, and analyze tachograph data, ensuring compliance with regulations and improving the efficiency of your transport operations. With multilingual menu and settings, you can choose the language that suits you best and feel confident in using our software.

Tacho2Safe system consists of two parts:

  • the download key for Vehicle Units and Drivers Cards
  • the accompanying program “TachoSafe Lite” for storing, analysis and printing your data
  • combines tachograph and driver card download functionality in one device
  • simple and ergonomic design, suitable for use by owner drivers, small fleets, or large transport operators
  • can be operated with rechargeable batteries that are charged automatically through USB
  • reduced power consumption allows for over 500 full card downloads with only one AA type battery
  • 4GB space (can carry more than 30.000 card’s downloads)
  • automatically determines all the settings, resulting in compliant files
  • automatic Driver’s card download upon insertion in the card slot
  • small and easy to carry, intuitive menu for easy operation
  • all download modes available through the menu (without having to use a computer/laptop)
  • notification for next download, easy configuration of download period
  • no restrictions on the number of different Vehicles or Drivers (can be used by companies with larger fleets)
  • all downloaded files accessible by any computer with a free USB port (behaves like any USB flash drive)
  • can be permanently used as a drivers card reader and download station
  • adjustable tachograph download settings (ie. from last download) through the device display, using the device keys
  • card and tachograph download notification
  • supports multiple languages
Top features
  • reading data from the card without having to connect to a tachograph (built-in card reader driver)
  • reading driver card via slot in the tachograph
  • reading data from the tachograph according to pre-set parameters
  • reading data from the tachograph by the choice immediately prior to data collection
  • read all the data from the entire period
  • the display (easy to read even in daylight) indicates the status of the download and enables configuration of the reader
  • support all types of digital tachographs and driver cards found on the market
Analysis and reports on TachoSafe Lite 

This device is sold with software “TachoSafe Lite” for recording and analysis of data from digital tachographs. Software allows you to view data for an unlimited number of vehicles and drivers, available in 27 languages.

Our products are available in almost all European countries, so you can rely on us to provide local support and expertise wherever you are.