RDU Devices

With TachoSafe RDU GPRS transport companies can stay compliant by downloading digital tachographs remotely while keeping their fleet operating. All downloads are made automatically as the trucks are on their way. The RDU unit unburdens the transport companies because the data from the digital tachographs automatically arrives there where desired and at which time intervals are set. By using this remote download solutions, companies can forget about the administration involved in the operation of tachographs.

TachoSafe Remote Download GPRS (RDU) downloads remotely the digital tachograph. The RDU is permanently installed on the truck and it is connected to the digital tachograph. The downloads are initiated manually or by a scheduler through an application installed on customer’s PC. The system works in the background but it warns the user in case of errors.

RDU devices are available for 2G (RDU GPRS2 and RDU GPRS3) and 4G (RDU 4G) mobile networks.

  • RDU makes downloads from the digital tachograph remotely
  • the RDU is  installed into the truck and is permanently connected to the digital tachograph
  • download process is automatically initiated by the TachoSafe RDU manager
  • the company card always stays in your office
  • the system works in the background but it warns the user in case of errors
  • ddd files will be available on your computer and/or can be uploaded to an online platform for future processing
Top features
  • permanent fleet control
  • mandatory downloads are made automatically
  • no risk of penalty caused by missing downloads
  • the truck doesn’t need to return periodically to the base station for data download, which means cost savings for company
  • no need of responsible personnel for direct tachograph management
  • compatible with TachoSafe software and every other analyzing software
Analysis and reports on TachoSafe Web

The RDU Manager application saves copys of downloaded files to the TachoSafe Web. The web application creates analysis, infringement and other reports based on the ddd files. The status of RDUs, warnings for expiring or expired download deadlines can be followed on the TachoSafe Web as well. Any data generated by these Remote Download Units will be visible on this website after you log in with your username and password.

Tachograph Compatiblity

The remote download unit is compatible with digital tachographs that are capable of data download through C CAN connector. Data download through C connector should be enabled in the tachograph with a programming tool (CTC II, MK II, Digitachytest 2 or others). If the digital tachograph does not support data download through C CAN connector you can use Tacho2Safe, Tacho4Safe or Tacho5Safe.

Quick Setup Manuals
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