Tacho5Safe – Will be available soon

Entrepreneur having vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph, according to the law is required to retrieve the data:

  • from the vehicle at least once every 90 days
  • from driver card at least once every 28 days

To fulfil these requirements you must have a device for collection and transfer of these data to a computer.
On the market there are many devices used for this purpose, but they differ both functionality and capabilities.

Tacho5Safe stands out both functionality and capabilities, it is the 5th generation of manual Tachograph and Driver card download device, with built in bluetooth module. Using it together with mobile application it automatically saves the downloads to your user account created in the cloud at TachoSafe WEB. It is a simple use, ergonomic device, suitable for use either by owner drivers,
small fleets or large transport operators.

  • intuitive menu for easy to use and user friendly operation
  • operates without any cable & supports wireless data transfer
  • free license to TachoSafe WEB data analysis cloud based software
  • very long battery life (more than 400 card downloads/with a single charge)
  • battery charging through micro USB cable in less than 2hours
Top features
  • 5th generation G2 tachograph and driver card download
  • fully automatic downloads
  • digital tachograph download customization via mobile phone
  • safe data storage in cloud
  • analysing downloaded data on TachoSafe WEB
  • 3rd party data forwarding integration
  • USB data/charging cable
  • having it’s with integrated:
    ◦ tachograph reader
    ◦ driver card reader
    ◦ bluetooth module
    ◦ rechargeable battery
The hardware
  • built in a Bluetooth Low Energy BLE4.0 module for wireless data transfer
  • built in rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
  • contains an integrated smart card reader for direct driver/workshop card download
  • contains integrated tachograph download interface and download connector

  • embedded driver card reader
  • embedded digital tachograph reader
  • safe data storage in cloud
  • data analysis on

The package contains a

  • Tacho5Safe device
  • Charging cable ~15cm
  • Quick user guide

Smartphone application

New feature. Card and Tachograph downloads can be monitored from your mobile device as well digital tachograph download customization. All this conveniently at the tips of your fingers.

  • user friendly and intuitive user interface.
  • operates on Android and IOS mobile phones/tablet’s.
  • multi device management enabled.
  • temporary storage of downloaded data.
  • automatic upload of downloaded files to TachoSafe WEB cloud based portal.
  • multiple language support.

Card download

Tachograph download

File upload to TachoSafe WEB

Analysis and reports on TachoSafe Web

The Tacho5Safe devices saves downloaded files to the TachoSafe WEB. This platform creates analysis, reports and infringement reports based on this files. The status of card downloads, tachograph downloads, warnings for expiring cards or calibration deadlines can be followed on the platform as well. A company login for the website will be created and the serial numbers of the Tacho5SAFE devices you have purchased will be linked to this account. Any data downloaded by these devices will be visible on the website.