access control

SVTech offers intelligent security solutions that allow a smarter and safer world, produced in Romania, for Romanian companies.

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Guaranteed quality

Products designed, developed and manufactured in Târgu Mureș.

Easy installation

Easy and fast installation of our equipment.


Proof of the efficiency of our services is the satisfaction of our partners.

Technical support

Our technical department offers you sustained support in your work.

About SVTech

As a local manufacturer in the field of access control systems, SVTech has an important market segment, through the continuous launch of innovative products based on an open platform – offering customers a high value through a network of partners. SVTech offers complete solutions of access control systems and timekeeping systems for any commercial, retail, public or business environment.

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Digital timekeeping solutions

Optimoo is a time and human resources management solution, it can be installed and made functional in 10 minutes. You do not need an IT specialist to manage a dedicated computer. The system is monitored 24/24 and problems are solved real-time and all updates come automatically.

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